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Resources & Troubleshooting Articles For Windows XP

Listed below are a collection of Knowledge Base Articles and other Resources from Microsoft. If you are unable to find the resource you need from any of these links, try searching Microsoft Knowledge Base. List of Windows XP Newsgroups are on the "Microsoft Resources" Section; you could also try searching Archived Windows XP Posts on Google, your question may have already been asked and answered.


Windows XP Knowledge Base Articles

Table of Contents

Windows XP General Information | Windows XP Patches | Windows XP Stop Error Messages | Windows XP Troubleshooting Articles | Description of Product Features | How To Accomplish a Task | Third Party Program Issues

Windows XP General Information

Windows XP Patches

Windows XP Stop Error Messages

Stop 0x0000000A or Stop 0xA or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Stop 0x0000001D or Stop 0x1D or NO_SPIN_LOCK_AVAILABLE

Stop 0x0000001E or Stop 0x1E or KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

Stop 0x00000024 or Stop 0x24 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM

Stop 0x0000002E or Stop 0x2E or DATA_BUS_ERROR

Stop 0x0000003F or Stop 0x3F or NO_MORE_SYSTEM_PTES

Stop 0x00000050 or Stop 0x50 or PAGE_FAULT_NONPAGED_AREA

Stop 0x0000006B or Stop 0x6B or PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED

Stop 0x00000073 or Stop 0x73 CONFIG_LIST_FAILED

Stop 0x00000074 or Stop 0x74 BAD SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO

Stop 0x00000077 or Stop 0x77 or KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR

Stop 0x00000079 or Stop 0x79 or MISMATCHED_HAL

Stop 0x0000007A or Stop 0x7A or KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR

Stop 0x0000007B or Stop 0x7B or INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE


Stop 0x0000007F or Stop 0x7F or UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP


Stop 0x0000009C or Stop 0x9c or MACHINE_CHECK_EXEMPTION

Stop 0x0000009F or Stop 0x9F or DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE

Stop 0x000000A0 or Stop 0xA0 or INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR

Stop 0x000000A5 or Stop 0xA5 or ACPI_BIOS_ERROR


Stop 0x000000C2 or Stop 0xC2 or BAD_POOL_CALLER




Stop 0x000000D1 or Stop 0xD1 or DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Stop 0x000000D8 or Stop 0xD8 or DRIVER_USED_EXCESSIVE_PTES

Stop 0x000000DA or Stop 0xDA or SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE


Stop 0x000000ED or Stop 0xED or UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME

Stop 0x000000F2 or Stop 0xF2 or HARDWARE_INTERRUPT_STORM

Stop 0x000000FE or Stop 0xFE


Stop 0xC0000135

Stop 0xC0000139




Stop 0xC0000244

Windows XP Troubleshooting Articles

Description of Product Features


Microsoft Resources

Windows XP Home

/ Windows XP
/ Windows 2000
/ Windows XP on Technet
/ Windows XP on MSDN
/ Windows XP Online Help

Windows XP Expert Zone

/ Windows XP Expert Zone
/ Expert Zone Columns Archive
/ Windows XP Related Communities

Windows XP Stop Messages

/ Demystifying "BSOD"
/ Stop Message Checklist:  Software
/ Stop Message Checklist:  Hardware
/ Windows XP Stop Messages
/ Windows 2000 Stop Messages
/ Debugging Tools For Windows

Windows XP Tips

/ Windows XP Tips (Expert Zone)
/ User Tips
/ Windows XP Pro Tips

Windows XP Support Centres/FAQ

/ Windows XP Support Centre
/ Windows Messenger Support Centre
/ Windows Media Player Support Centre
/ Windows Media Player Error Codes
/ Windows XP FAQ
/ Windows XP Online Help
/ Windows XP OEM Support
/ Windows Update Support Centre
/ Windows Update FAQ
/ Windows Update FAQ2
/ Newsgroups FAQ
/ Support WebCasts

Windows XP Resource Kits

/ Windows XP Resource Kit
/ Windows Resource Kit - Web Resources
/ Windows 2000 Resource Kit
/ Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit

Windows XP How-to Articles

/ Windows XP Professional How-to Articles (1)
/ Windows XP Professional How-to Articles (2)
/ Windows XP Professional How-to Articles for Small Business
/ Windows XP Professional How-to Articles for IT Pros
/ Windows XP Technical Article Index

Networking Windows XP

/ Anatomy of a Network
/ Microsoft Windows Home Networking
/ Home and Small Office Networking
/ Communication and Networking Services
/ Home and Small Office Network Topologies
/ Windows XP Networking Features
/ Set Up and use Internet Connection Sharing
/ Building a Home Network
/ Expert Zone:  Home Networking and the Internet
/ Expert Zone:  Wire Your Home
/ Expert Zone:  Share Your Printer
/ Expert Zone:  Three Reasons To Network
/ Expert Zone:  The Family Connection
/ Expert Zone:  Offline Files Saves the Day
/ Expert Zone:  Pro on a Domain

Windows XP Newsgroups

/ Newsgroups FAQ
/ Windows XP Newsgroups
/ XP General
/ XP Help and Support
/ XP New Users
/ XP Basics
/ XP Performance and Maintenance

Securing Windows XP

/ Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
/ Baseline Security Analyzer White-Paper
/ MBSA:  KB Article
/ HFNetChk
/ HFNetChk:  KB Article
/ HFNetChk:  Frequently Asked Questions
/ Qfecheck

Windows XP File Encryption

/ Data Protection and Recovery In Windows XP
/ Encrypting File System For Windows 2000

Windows XP Performance

/ Performance Counters Reference
/ Performance Monitoring
/ White Paper:  Windows XP Performance

Windows XP Registry

/ Technical Reference To The Registry
/ Inside the Registry
/ Registry Maintenance

Scripting Windows XP

/ System Administration Scripting Guide Series
/ Sample Scripts
/ Script Center - Computer Management
/ Script Center - Logs

Multibooting With Windows XP

/ Multibooting With Windows XP
/ Multibooting Windows 2000 with Windows XP
/ Create Multiboot system in Windows XP
/ Multibooting XP, 2000, NT, Win Me, 98, 95 and MS DOS
/ Multibooting made easy
/ Set up Dual Boot after installing Windows


/ Which is right for you?
/ NTFS File System Overview
/ Advantage of NTFS
/ NTFS 5.0 File System
/ Choosing between File Systems
/ Choosing Between NTFS, FAT and FAT32
/ Description of FAT32 System
/ Overview of FAT, HPFS and NTFS File System
/ Questions about the FAT32 File System
/ Limitations of FAT32 System

Windows XP System Restore

/ Understanding System Restore
/ Technet:  System Restore
/ MSDN:  System Restore
/ System Restore FAQ

Windows XP Recovery Console

/ KB Article - How To Install and Use Recovery Console
/ KB Article - Description of Recovery Console
/ ResKit - Installing and Using Recovery Console
/ Reskit - Customising Recovery Console
/ Reskit - Use Recovery Console to Recover from Startup Problems
/ Reskit - Recovery Console Commands

System - Other

/ Windows File Protection

Windows Media Player

/ Windows Media Technologies
/ Windows Media Player FAQ
/ Windows MediaPlayer Skins
/ Codecs 101 For Microsoft Windows Media Technologies

Windows Messenger

/ .Net Messenger Service
/ Using Windows Messenger
/ Inside Windows Messenger

Windows XP - Other

/ Windows Online Crash Analysis
/ DLL Help Database
/ WUGNET Shareware Picks
/ Command Reference

Windows XP Resources

Windows XP Support Sites

/ Windows Support Centre
/ Kelly's XP Korner
/ Kelly's Windows XP From A-Z
/ Doug's Windows 95/98/Me/XP Tweaks and Tips
/ Labmice Windows XP Resource Centre
/ Wayne's Windows XP Resources
/ Bink Windows XP
/ broomeman - Windows XP
/ New Life For Windows XP
/ Paul Thurrott's Supersite For Windows

Windows Updates

/ XP Updates
/ EveningStar's Summary of Microsoft Security Bulletins

Windows XP Tweaks:  Sites

/ Axcel216's Tweaks and Secrets
/ Axcel216's Powertoys and Tweaking Tools
/ Tweaks For Microsoft Windows XP
/ Windows XP Tweaks, XP Themes, XP Guides
/ WinGuides:  Windows XP Tweak Guide
/ blackviper:  Windows XP Professional Tweak Information
/ Tweak3D
/ MusicXP:  Tuning Tips
/ Sound Card and Speakers Tweak Guide
/ System Startup / booting Tweak Guide
/ Modem Tweak Guide
/ Memory Tweak Guide
/ Rage Underground
/ Gaming Tweak Guides
/ Voodoo Files

Windows XP Tweaks:  Utilities

/ Customizer XP
/ Rage3d Tweak
/ Tweak XP
/ Logon Loader
/ Style XP
/ Xteq X-Setup
/ Clear Tweak

Windows XP Tips and Tricks

/ Tips and Tricks (1)
/ Tips and Tricks (2)
/ Tips For NT Adminstrators
/ XPTuneUp Tricks and Treats
/ Windows XP Tips
/ Tip Quarry: Tweaks and Tips for Windows Xp/2000

Windows XP Themes

/ Win XP Themes
/ Window Blinds
/ Win Customize
/ Theme XP
/ Icon Factory
/ Dotico
/ Favicon
/ Creating Windows XP Icons

Windows XP Service Configuration

/ Windows XP Services Tweak Guide
/ BlkViper: Windows XP Professional Services
/ BlkViper: Windows XP Professional Services Configuration Information
/ BlkViper: Windows XP Services Profile Guide
/ BlkViper: Windows XP Services Registry Files
/ Minimisation of Network Services on Windows Systems
/ RPC Tools
/ How to Disable DCOM Support in Windows
/ Glossary of Windows 2000 Services

Windows XP Forums

/ Windows Annoyances
/ XP-erience Forums
/ winnetmag Forum Index
/ Computing.Net Forums
/ MSN Windows XP Community
/ Rage Underground

Installing Windows XP

/ Installing Windows XP
/ Clean Installing Windows XP
/ Installing, Reinstalling, Upgrading Windows XP

Activating Windows XP

/ Windows Product Activation
/ What's wrong with Product Activation
/ Windows Product Activation Resource Centre

Trouble-shooting Windows XP

/ Trouble-shooting Windows 2000 - Error Codes

Windows XP FAQ

/ NT Compatible - Windows XP FAQ
/ Windows 2000 FAQ
/ Windows .Net Server FAQ

Networking Windows XP

/ World of Windows Networking
/ Practically Networked
/ Steve Winograd's Networking FAQ
/ Networking 101
/ How Stuff Works:  Home-Network
/ How-to:  Home PC Network
/ Home Network Technologies And Strategies
/ One Computer Guy - Windows XP Networking
/ Networking Checklist

Securing Windows XP

/ Infosyssec Security Portal
/ Windows NT/2000/XP Security Information
/ Windows NT/2000/XP Security Tools
/ Guide to Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser
/ HFNetChkPro
/ Advanced Windows HotFix Manager
/ HotFix Reporter
/ Unplug 'n' Pray
/ National Security Agency:  Windows XP Security Recommended Guides
/ Windows XP Home User Self Defence
/ Shoot the Messenger

Windows XP Registry

/ Windows Registry Guide
/ JSI Registry Hacks
/ Mystery Behind Windows Registry
/ Registry Cleaners

Windows XP Recovery Console

/ How To Install and Use it in Win XP
/ Recovery Console Commands

Windows Media Player

/ Windows Media Player FAQ
/ Reinstall Windows Media Player

Windows Messenger

/ Windows Messenger Resources
/ Uninstall Windows Messenger - Jonathan Kay
/ Uninstall Windows Messenger - Doug Knox
/ Messenger Plus! Extensions
/ Seestorm
/ Run More Than One Messenger
/ Trillian
/ NetMeeting Information Source

My XP Utilities

/ Ad-Aware
/ Zone Alarm Firewall
/ Kerio Personal Firewall
/ Process Explorer
/ Registry Monitor
/ File Monitor
/ Norton AntiVirus 2002
/ Active Ports
/ TCP View
/ Dependency Walker
/ Spybot Search and Destroy
/ AIDA32 - Worldwide Sysinfo Tool
/ Windows Grep
/ The Bat!

Windows XP Hardware

/ WinDrivers
/ Windows Driver Guide
/ AnandTech
/ CD-Recordable FAQ

Windows News

/ Lockergnome
/ Window Planet

Windows XP Magazines and Publications

/ Windows 2000 Magazine
/ Win XP News
/ Windows XP Companion
/ Sysinternals Information for Windows NT and Windows 2000 Publications

Windows XP - Other Sites

/ SpeedGuide
/ Extreme Tech
/ Ars Technica

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