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Windows XP How-to Articles

Listed below are a collection of Knowledge Base Articles and other Resources from Microsoft. If you are unable to find the resource you need from any of these links, try searching Microsoft Knowledge Base. List of Windows XP Newsgroups can be found via Windows XP Expert Zone; you could also try searching Archived Windows XP Posts on Google, your question may have already been asked and answered.


Windows XP Knowledge Base Articles

Table of Contents

Accessibility Options

Add or Remove Programs

Appearance and Themes

Configuring Address Book

Configuring Desktop

Configuring Display Settings

Configuring Files and Folder Settings

Configuring Folder Options

Configuring "My Documents" Folder

Configuring Screensavers

Configuring Search Options

Configuring Taskbar and Start Menu

Configuring Themes

Configuring User Interface

Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options

Date and Time

Language Options

Regional Options


Windows Messenger

Windows Media Player

Network and Internet Connections

Internet Explorer


Network Connections

Performance and Maintenance

Debugging Information

Device Manager

Disk Management

File System

Power Options

Recovery Console


Registry Tweaks

Remote Assistance

Remote Desktop

Scheduled Tasks


Security and Privacy

Startup and Recovery

System Performance

System Properties

System Tools

Other Tools
Administrative Tools
Application and Service Tools
Disaster Recovery Tools
Disk and Maintenance Tools
Networking Tools
Remote Management Tools
Security Tools

User Profiles

Printers, Fax and other Hardware



Phone and Modem Options


Scanners and Cameras

Setting Up Windows XP

Windows XP Setup

Windows XP - Windows Updates

Windows XP: UNIX to Windows

Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices

User Accounts


Microsoft Windows XP Resources

Windows XP Home

/ Windows XP
/ Windows 2000
/ Windows XP on Technet
/ Windows XP on MSDN
/ Windows XP Online Help

Windows XP Support Centres

/ Windows XP Support Centre
/ Windows XP FAQ
/ Windows XP Newsgroups

Windows XP Tips

/ Windows XP Tips (Expert Zone)
/ User Tips
/ Windows XP Pro Tips

Windows XP How-to Articles

/ Windows XP Professional How-to Videos
/ Windows XP Professional How-to Articles (1)
/ Windows XP Professional How-to Articles (2)
/ Windows XP Professional How-to Articles for Small Business
/ Windows XP Professional How-to Articles for IT Pros
/ Windows XP Technical Article Index

Windows XP - Other

/ Windows Online Crash Analysis
/ DLL Help Database

XP Resources

Windows XP Sites

/ Windows Support Centre
/ Kelly's XP Korner
/ Windows XP From A-Z
/ Doug's Windows 95/98/Me/XP Tweaks and Tips
/ Windows XP Resource Centre
/ Paul Thurrott's Supersite For Windows

Windows XP Tweaks

/ Tweaks For Microsoft Windows XP
/ Windows XP Tweaks, XP Themes, XP Guides

Windows XP Forums

/ Windows Annoyances
/ XP-erience Forums

Windows XP Service Configurations

/ Windows XP Services Tweak Guide
/ Windows XP Professional Services
/ Windows XP Professional Services Configuration Information
/ Glossary of Windows 2000 Services

Installing Windows XP

/ Installing Windows XP
/ Clean Installing Windows XP

Troubleshooting Windows XP

/ Troubleshooting Windows 2000 - Error Codes

Windows XP FAQ

/ NT Compatible - Windows XP FAQ
/ Windows 2000 FAQ

Networking Windows XP

/ World of Windows Networking
/ Practically Networked

Securing Windows XP

/ Windows NT/2000/XP Security Information
/ Windows NT/2000/XP Security Tools

Windows XP Utilities

/ Sysinternals Freeware For Windows NT/2000/XP

Windows XP - Other Sites

/ Windows Registry Guide

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