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Troubleshooting Windows Me Third Party Issues

Windows Millenium Knowledge Base Articles

Listed below are error messages associated with programs known to conflict with Windows Me; some of these can be fixed by downloading an update from the Vendors website. Click the links below to jump to the relevant section, if you are unable to find the article you need, try searching Microsoft Knowledge Base. List of Windows Me Newsgroups are on the "Microsoft Resources" Section; you could also try searching Archived Windows Me Posts on Google,your question may have already been asked and answered.

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Error Messages Associated With Third Party Programs Interacting With Windows Me

"A Required File AMSVCR.DLL Cannot Be Found" Error Message Appears When Starting the Computer

"Exception 03h in Module..." Error Message Starting Windows Me

"Explorer Has Caused an Error" or "IPF" Error Message When You Attempt to View Printer Properties

"Following Files Cannot Be Found..." Error Message When You Install Logitech QuickCam Program

"Invalid Page Fault in Module" Error Message When You Click Properties on Shortcut Menu

"MIDI File Parser" Error Message at Startup

"Required DLL File, Idle.dll Was Not Found" Error Message Appears When Starting Windows

"Runtime Error. Abnormal Program Termination." Error Message Appears When Connecting to the Internet

"The Page Cannot Be Displayed" Error Message After You Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition

"This Application Cannot Use This File as a Clip" Error Message When You Use Sony MovieShaker

"Windows Cannot Find Program.exe" Error Accessing Web Page

Acer 620U Scanner Stops Working After Upgrade to Windows Millennium

Acer TravelMate 720 Notebook Hangs After Hot Docking/Undocking Multiple Times

Advertising Windows Constantly Interfere with Internet Browsing

After Upgrade, Keyboard and Mouse Do Not Work When You Resume HP Brio BA400 from Hibernation

America Online 3.0 May Stop Responding When Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

An Error Message May Be Displayed When a Sound Blaster Live Driver Is Installed

Antivirus Program Causes Computer to Stop Responding When You Shut Down

AOL Adapter Not Found with or Without AOL Installed

AOL Download Fails Over Dial-Up Networking TCP/IP Connection

AOL Setup Prompts for the Windows 98 CD-ROM Instead of the Windows Millennium Edition CD-ROM

Button Assignments Are Lost in HP Multi-Button Scanners After Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition

Can Not Upgrade Windows Me with Aureal Vortex 1 Driver Installed

Cannot Access Hard Disk After Booting from Floppy Disk

Cannot Access Share or Files When ZoneAlarm Is Installed

Cannot Add Printer by Using pcAnywhere Printer Wizard in Versions 9, 9.02, or 9.2

Cannot Browse the Internet After You Upgrade from Windows 98

Cannot Change Source or Channels in Windows Movie Maker

Cannot Connect to PCAnywhere Host Computer Running ICS

Cannot Dial Out Using Dial-Up Networking

Cannot Enter Standby Mode While Intel USB Video Camera Is Running in NetMeeting

Cannot Establish Multilink Connection Using Multiple 3Com PCI WinModems

Cannot Format Sony HiFD USB 200 MB Media in Windows Millennium Edition

Cannot Install Conseal PC Firewall in Windows Me

Cannot Install Hewlett-Packard 4200c Scanner's PrecisionScan LT 3.0 Software in Windows Millennium Edition

Cannot Install PlugWorks 2.3 Speaker Software in Windows Me

Cannot Install Shiva VPN Client in Windows Millennium Edition

Cannot Reinstall SurfWatch 3.0 After You Run the System Restore Tool

Cannot Start Netcomplete in Windows Millennium Edition

Cannot Stay Connected Using America Online (AOL) with Windows Driver Model (WDM) Modem

Cisco TCP/IP Causes Computer to Stop Responding

Compatibility Issues with CheckIt 98 in Windows Millennium Edition (Me)

CompuServe Information Service Versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 Cannot Connect Through Windows Me Dial-Up Networking

Computer Attached to a Hyundai DeluxScan 15G Monitor Hangs During Windows Millennium Setup

Computer Does Not Resume After Suspend Mode

Computer Does Not Resume from Standby or Hibernate Mode with NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device

Computer in Multimonitor Setup Hangs If You Click Refresh in Device Manager or Start Add New Hardware

Computer May Be Unable to Start Standby Mode

Computer May Become Unstable When Playing Audio After Standby Mode

Computer May Not Restart After Unsuccessful System Restore with Drive Overlay Software Installed

Computer May Not Start Properly After You Use a System Restore Point

Computer May Stop Responding When You Start Any Program While Running BoundsChecker

Computer Shuts Down and Restarts When You Attempt to Connect to the Internet or Your ISP

Computer Slows or Hangs Playing MIDI File Repeatedly

Computer Starts Only in Safe Mode and System Restore Does Not Work Properly

Computer Stops Responding and You Receive "The Current Application Will Be Terminated" Error Message

Computer Stops Responding When You Are Trying to Record with Lotus ScreenCam

Computer Stops Responding When You Run a Thorough ScanDisk with McAfee VirusScan 5.1 Installed

Computer Stops Responding, Does Not Shut Down, or Fails During Hardware Detection

Creative Modem Blaster USB DE5670 Prevents Hibernate or Standby Mode

Dell Optiplex GX110 May Not Resume from Hibernate When Sierra Studios Half-Life Game Is Running

DeltaClick DeltaBar Causes an Error Message in Windows

Description of Zip (.zip) Files

DesignCad Pro 2000 May Not Uninstall Properly

Dinosaur Adventure 3.0 Does Not Run Properly on Windows Millennium Edition

DirectCD May Cause Invalid Page Fault in Mfc42.dll

Display on Dell Inspiron 3500 with NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV Display Adapter Is Grainy and Distorted

Dragon Naturally Speaking 3.52 May Not Recognize That the Audio Wizard Has Been Completed

'DUN Not Installed' Error Message Appears When You Try to Install PAL95 on Windows Millennium

DVD Player Program Cannot Access Data

Early Versions of Juno E-mail Client Do Not Work with Windows Millennium Edition

Eject Option for USB Floppy Disk Drives and LS-120 Drives May Not Work

Envelopes and Hagaki Card Stock Incorrectly Aligned When Printed from an HP DeskJet 694c Printer

Epson GT-5000 Scanner Stops Responding During Consecutive SCSI Operations

Epson TWAIN Scanner Displays Error Message After Upgrading to Windows Millennium Edition

Err Msg: A Fatal Exception 0E Has Occurred at 0028:

Err Msg: A Fatal Exception 0E Has Occurred at 0028:C02A0201...

Err Msg: DPAL Error Abnormal Parameter Passed File .\Hdlc.c at Line 550

Err Msg: DTOLE Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...

Err Msg: NETMETER Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...

Err Msg: Netscape Executed an Invalid Instruction in Module...

Err Msg: Unable to Download the Appropriate Decompressor

Err Msg: WAOL Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module MSVCRT.DLL

Err Msg: Your Computer Does Not Have Enough Free Memory to Defrag the Drive

Error Message "Failed to Find Catalog File" During Installation of 3D Home Interiors Deluxe 2.0

Error Message "Iexplore Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Kernel32.dll" When You Close an Internet Explorer Window

Error Message "MPREXE Caused an Error in USER.EXE" Is Displayed When Starting AOL

Error Message "Trap 13" When You Use Kensington USB VideoCam Software

Error Message "Windows Cannot Defragment This Drive now Because It Has Been Locked by a Disk Utility" When Using Disk Defragmenter

Error Message After Installing Grolier Encyclopedia Version 7.01

Error Message After Upgrading HP Computer to Windows Millennium Edition

Error Message Appears When You Download Images by Using a Hewlett-Packard C200 IHV Driver

Error Message Appears When You Start the Adaptec Easy CD Creator Version 3.5b or Earlier

Error Message Caused by Sircam32 Virus When You Start a Program

Error Message Installing HP Precision Scan Pro Program

Error Message Installing Microtek Scan Wizard

Error Message Is Displayed When Using the Interplay MDK2 Game

Error Message When Trying to Preview Sounds with the Sound Tool in Control Panel

Error Message When You Attempt to Open Control Panel After Setup

Error Message When You Attempt to Open Control Panel: Unable to Load Language Resources

Error Message When You Browse Internet or Read E-mail with AOL

Error Message When You Install Norton Internet Security 2000

Error Message When You Open Recycle Bin: Windows Can Not Find Program.exe

Error Message When You Start AOL: Ospath Has Caused an Error in User.exe

Error Message When You Start PageKeeper Pro 3.0 for the First Time

Error Message When You Try to Open Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.1: Shell32.dll - Is Linked to Missing Export

Error Message When You Upgrade QuickBooks: The Reg File Qbcenters.reg Could Not Be Merged into the Registry

Error Message: "Cannot Find Device File Cyberkrn.vxd"

Error Message: "Windows Has Not Installed the Software for This Device"

Error Message: A Fatal Exception 0E Has Occurred in VxD SCSI1HLP

Error Message: An Error Occurred While Windows Was Working with the Control Panel file C:\Windows\System\Desk.cpl.

Error Message: C:\Windows\System\Messages.drv Is Missing

Error Message: Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Vct32150.dll

Error Message: Ctsurmix Has Caused an Invalid Page Fault in MFC42.DLL

Error Message: DSSAgent Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Unknown

Error Message: Emergency Disk Wizard: Some of the Required System File Are Missing. Please Format the...

Error Message: Error Loading Sbawe.vxd

Error Message: Explorer Has Caused an Error in Navshell.dll

Error Message: Monitor Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Kernel32.dll

Error Message: Runtime Error 216

Error Message: Shell32.dll File Is Linked to Missing Export Shlwapi.dll

Error Message: The Awfxcg32.dll File Is Linked to Missing Export Mapi32.dll

Error Message: VMM32.VXD: Missing/Unable to Load

Error Message: Vxd Dynamic Link Call: Vpsysmgr(01)+0000008 to (352b), Service 4

Error Message: While Initializing Device Ptvcd: Windows Protection Error

Exception OE in Vxdndis When You Connect to the Internet

Extra-Strength Partition-It Recovery Disk Does Not Work in Windows Me

Fatal Exception 0E Has Occurred in VXD mrtRate (01) When Printing

Fatal Exception 0E When Shutting Down Using a Matrox Video Adapter

Fatal Exception Error Message Occurs During Setup

Fix-It 2000 Cannot Create a Bootable Antivirus EBD

Floppy Disk Controller Denies Hibernation or Standby

Fonts from Expert Software CD Fonts Program Are Not Displayed in the Fonts List

Frequent Restarts and Out-of-Memory Error Messages When You Run Windows

General Protection Fault Error Message Opening Control Panel

General Protection Fault in Module Dibeng.dll

Hang at Startup or Shutdown with Ndis.vxd Enabled

Hardware Profile Not Detected After Resuming from Hibernation Mode

Hewlett Packard DeskJet 694C Does Not Print Grayscale Fills After Windows Me Upgrade

HomeClick Network Profiles Do Not Function on Windows Millennium

How to Determine Whether You Have Accepted Trust for Fraudulent VeriSign-Issued Certificates

How to Install and Remove Programs in Windows

How to Recognize Erroneously Issued VeriSign Code-Signing Certificates

HP 3300C ScanJet Scanner Setup Results in "USB BIOS Enable Fail" Error in Windows Millennium Edition

HP DeskJet 694C Prints RLE Images in Black and White After Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition

HP ScanJet 4100C Err Msg: This Program Does Not Run Correctly on This Version of Windows

HP Scanner Test Causes "Test Failed" Error Message

Icon Remains in "My Computer" After You Disable Floppy Disk Drive in Device Manager

ICS Does Not Function with Unidirectional Adapters

Image Previews Not Displayed in Windows Explorer

Information About Defragmenting the Windows Paging File

Inso QuickView Plus 5.0 Does Not Appear in 'Open With' List When You Try to Associate a File

Installation of X:Drive Version 2.0 Prior to Windows Millennium Edition Upgrade Produces Error Messages

Installing Network Setup for Hughes DirectPC Generates Error Message, 'Dpcusbndis.inf Was Not Found'

Intel PC Camera Pro Stops Working After Upgrade to Windows Millennium

Intel Video Phone Does Not Work or Stops Responding

Internal WDM Modem Does Not Work After You Hot Dock Toshiba Tecra 750CDT Portable Computer

Invalid Page Fault When You Log Off and Log Back On

Invalid Page Faults When You Try to Browse the Internet or Use TCP/IP

Iomega ZIP Disk Does Not Eject During the Shutdown Process

Iomega Zip Drive Is Displayed Incorrectly as Floppy Disk Drive on Drive B

Lexmark 4076 ExecJet IIc Does Not Print After Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition

Logitech Mouseman Wheel Mouse Is Detected As a Microsoft Intellimouse

Mapped NetWare Drives and Windows Persistent Connections

Microtek 6400xl and 9600xl Gray Scale Preview Displays Vertical Black Line

Microtek ScanMaker Scanners Incorrectly Identified in Windows Me Device Manager

Mita DP-570 Printer Problems After Shutdown With Printer Left On

Modem Detected on COM3 Port on Compaq Presario

Modem Detected on Wrong COM Port on Acer Aspire

Monopoly Version 1.0 by Westwood Cannot Host an Internet Game with Internet Connection Sharing Installed

MS01-017: Erroneous VeriSign-Issued Digital Certificates Pose Spoofing Hazard

MS-DOS-Based Versions of PartitionMagic Do Not Run on Windows Millennium Edition

Multiple Display Not Working with Matrox G400 DualHead Display Adapter

Netscape Does Not Recognize ICS During Setup

NetSonic Version 2.5 Results in a Continuous Restart and the Uninstaller Does Not Work

Network Neighborhood Searches Endlessly for Computers

No Preview in Windows Movie Maker After Computer Hibernates

Norton AntiVirus 2000 Detects WM.Niceday Macro Virus When Installing Microsoft Virtual Machine

Norton AntiVirus 2000 Real-Mode Virus Scanner May Not Work in Windows Me

Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect Feature May Be Disabled After Windows Me Upgrade

Norton System Works 2000 Is Not Compatible with Windows Millennium Edition

Norton SystemWorks 2000 Is Not Compatible with Windows Me

Nuts & Bolts 98 Launch Rocket Does Not Run in Windows Me

On HP Pavilion Computer with Riptide Sound Card, Message Reports That Msgsrv32 Caused Error in Wstream.dll

Packard Bell 4500 Computer Hangs in Standby or Suspend Mode

Panasonic SQ-TC510N 5-Disk CD-ROM Changer Displays Ten CD-ROM Drives in Windows Explorer After Upgrade

Password Protection for Files in Windows Me, Windows 98, and Windows 95

Philips 665 Vesta USB Camera Cannot Be Installed on Windows Millennium Edition

Phoebe Micro 56K Internal Modem May Not Work Properly

PowerPoint 2000 Documents Are Printed Incorrectly on Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 694C Printers

PowerQuest Save and Restore Do Not Work After Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition

Problems Installing Windows Me with Norton Internet Security 2000 Family Edition Version 2.0 or 2.1

Problems Printing with Third-Party Device Drivers Installed

Problems When the Palm HotSync Version 3.0 Program Is Installed

Problems with VIA UHCI Host Controller

Quick Time for Windows Has Problems with S3 Video Chip Set

Rotating JPG Files in Explorer Cause Loss of Progressive Format

Rtfixmon Causes an Error Message During Shutdown

Running Starcraft Game Closes the Office 2000 Toolbar But Does Not Reopen It

Scanners with Automated Document Feeders Only Scan the First Page of a Document

Seagate Direct Tape Access 3.0 in Windows Me

SecondChance by PowerQuest Does Not Restore to a Previous Checkpoint

Settings Are Missing After You Install Toshiba Utilities for Windows 98 on Windows Me-Based Computer

Setup May Prompt You for the File After You Have Installed the SYSmark 2000 Tool

Shutdown Problems When Auto-Protect Is Enabled in Norton AntiVirus

Slimware Window Bridge Voice Synthesizer Setup May Not Start After Upgrade to Windows Me

SoftRam Version 1.03 Is Incompatible with Windows

Some Bitmap Formats Are Not Supported in Movie Maker

Some HP Scanners May Require Updated Software to Work Properly with Windows Millennium Edition

Standby and Hibernate Do Not Work with McAfee Guard Dog 2.0

System Sounds May Not Work After Upgrading to Windows ME, Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition

ThrustMaster Fusion Game Pad Does Not Work After Hibernate or Suspend Mode

TWAIN Device May Not Function on Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet Series Printer After Upgrading to Windows Me

Unable to Change Resolution While DVDExpress Program Is Playing a DVD

Unable to Connect to an Internet User by Using VDOPhone with Internet Connection Sharing

Unable to Install Vishay TFDS-6101E/6501E Infrared Device on Certain Language Versions of Windows Me

Unable to Restore a Backup By Using a Travan Tape Drive After You Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition

Unable to Select Your Printer in Some Third-Party Programs

Unable to Start Windows Me Help After Using the EasyCleaner "Clean Registry" Feature

Unable to Use 1394 Storage Device

Uninstalling WinZip Removes Compressed Folders Functionality in Windows Millennium Edition

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Disconnect Icon Does Not Show on First Boot

Unplugging Steinberg USB-2-MIDI During Playback Generates 'Invalid Spinlock State' Error Message

Update Available to Revoke Fraudulent Microsoft Certificates Issued by VeriSign

USB Device Cannot Receive Data

USB Keyboard Standby Does Not Work in Windows Millennium Edition

Using AT&T Global Network Dialer Wizard Generates Error Message: 'DUN Is Not Installed Correctly'

VU Meter May Not Register Sound in Windows Movie Maker Using a Sound Blaster Live! Sound Card

Windows Me Setup Blocks WinPoET or Enternet 300 Because of Compatibility Issues

Windows Me-Based Computer Prompts for Driver After Attempting to Install HP 720C Printer

Windows Millennium Edition Setup Blocks the Following Programs and Drivers

Windows Overwrites Linux Boot Manager

WordPerfect 6.0 Does Not Start from a PIF File in Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

You Can Still View Camera Properties After USB or DV Camera Drivers Are Disabled

You Receive a _ins5576 Error Message When You Are Installing ActiveSync 3.0 or 3.1

ZoomText Xtra Error Message After Upgrade to Windows Millennium


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